Miss Attitude (nsyncattitude) wrote in advice_mavens,
Miss Attitude

Just need some input on this!!!

I think my guy friend might ask me out. Well I think there is some problems with this. Not so much problems just issues!!! First if he did ask me out he would be my first kiss, date, and boyfriend. Even though I haven't had those yets I ain't some 13 or 15 year old saying this. The thing about that is I don't know if I want him to be my first for the kiss, date, and boyfriend. Yes it would be good that this is all is from a friend. Someone I know I can trust but I just don't know. Another thing is what will people think if him and I did date and were boyfriend/girlfriend??? I heard from someone I know that they could tell that he had feelings for me and another person I know that knows him. Said I would be surprised to find something out but wouldn't tell and said I will probably find out soon enough. I know I should probably go through some pros and cons list of this all but I don't know where to start. I know that if he does ask me out I'm going to have to tell him we need to talk about this. So I can explain how I'm feeling with this whole thing. I also don't know if I have feelings for him. I know it wouldn't be based on looks from my point because I don't think he is cute but he is nice and all that. I'm just really confused and I needed to just talk this out. Thanks for any input or advice on this!!!
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