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Advice for teens, by teens

Advice for teens, by teens
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hey! we're kate, stacie, and stan, and we're here to give you advice. ask us anything, and hopefully we'll be able to give you an answer. if you're wondering why we're doing this ((seeing as there are so many advice sites online)), it's mainly because a lot of our friends have been coming to us for advice for years, and we might as well use the advice we give them to help you all out. also, we're teenagers, so we can relate better to people our age than if we were adults. so, post a question, problem, or something else you would like help with or advice for, and we'll post an answer as soon as we can ((we'll be checking the site on a regular basis)). Just a note, we'd prefer you to not lock your entries, so that everyone can read the problems and more importantly advice (in case multiple people want the same advice). Thanks!