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Boy problem

I'll be the first to ask for advice! :-)
Heres my problem: Rich and I met in 2002 we were on the same soccer team, I fell for him right away. Soccer season ended and although we had each others aim s/n's we didn't talk until New years day 2003. So everything was good we started talking and hanging out more. Eventually on July 4th we started going out. I broke up with him a month later (I was going to be gone for a month and thought it would be hard) So then I got home and we talked more and ended up starting to go out officially again on Halloween. Anyways, we went out for almost a year, he broke up with me. We would argue over stupid little things and he was sick of it. Didn't talk for a while after that. Eventually we did start talking again. We did something over spring break twice, ended up hooking up the 2nd time. Things got awkward so we didn't talk again for a couple weeks. June 10th my grandma died and as soon as I heard about it, I just called him, I don't know why I just did. He was at work and called me later that night and came over to my house. We just layed on my hammock while I was crying, he just held me to make me feel better. We ended up kissing a little bit. Things got weird again, didn't talk for a while. I found out that my dad got a job 2 hours away so I will probably have to move. I told him. Last night we decided to hang out and hooked up again. It just happens that everytime we hang out the sexual tension is there. I have fallen for him again, the only thing is I don't think he has for me. I've heard from numerous people to just stay away from him. But now that I know I don't have much time left with him, I want to spend as much time as I can with him. But then things happen like they did today, he was out of town I asked if he wanted to do something and he said that he had to go to this thing for his step-brother (not really but pretty much its a long story and irrelevant to this one) so I said okay just call me afterwards.Then he puts an away message up to have this girl, that he knows I dislike, call him. But whenever I put things like that in my away message he gets mad. Last week my friend was coming into town (he lives an hour away) and I was really excited because I haven't seen him since November so it was kinda a big deal to me, hes awesome and fun to be around. Rich got mad at me or accused me of having a crush on him, and he was acting jealous. I must say that him and I have quite the relationship. I guess I just want to know what ya'll think I should do. Should I try to pursue him and get him to like me? Should I just give up (not something I want to do)? Should I just stop talking to him? I truly don't know. In my perfect world, him and I would be together like we were. But I will probably be moving so I don't want to get close again just to have my heart broken once again. Thanks for any advice you give me <3
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