Miss Attitude (nsyncattitude) wrote in advice_mavens,
Miss Attitude


My guy friend had come over to hang out and help me put together some electrical stuff. Well during this time I noticed he touched my hand somewhat a lot. It wasn't a hold or anything. It was more of a brush his hand against mine but in a way that some people wouldn't notice a difference. The thing is he has never done that to me before. So it just seem a little different for him. So my question is what do you think he was trying to say or mean or kinda hint to me by doing that??? Also I had wore these two new shirt and over shirt thing. Something I don't usually wear and when I had went to meet him outside you could tell he was shocked with it. He then said a few minutes later "Your shirt thing is cool" but you could tell at first it was coming out as cute. That is something he also has never said to me before.

I was also wondering could I be giving off bad vibes to my guy friend. What I mean is I tend not to look him in the eyes and kinda pull into myself when I hang out with him. I mostly don't look him in the eye when we are listening to music. Which thats pretty much what we do when we hang out. I have no reason really at all to not look him in the eye. Maybe the reason I do that when we are listening to music is I don't want to look him in the eye and see something I haven't seen there before. What I mean by that is a liking but I'm sure he don't like me. Is my body lanuage giving off bad vibes??? Can you all help me with this!!! What could be my problem??? Thanks in advance to anyone that helps!!!
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