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Friday, August 26th, 2005
5:22 pm
Just wondering!!!
There is this guy that I like. Last Friday there was a note given to him by a friend of mine with my screen name to contact me. I said that I would like to get to know him and if he agreed to IM me. He didn't through the whole weekend but that was my fault for a setting I had on. Well Wednesday I had another friend of mine go up to him tell him I liked him. This is what she said "My friend likes you and thinks your cute and would like to get to know you better". He said "I have been trying to contact her. If she wants to talk tell her to be online and sorry but I'm taken". So that day I fixed my settings I had and as soon as he signed on he IMed me. I asked him to tell me what my friend had said and what he said back because she leaves things out sometimes. He said pretty much the samething as my friend said but he also said he is happyly taken. During the IM conversation I was talking about how guys like to play jokes on me by saying their friend thinks I'm cute and they go back to their friend/friends and just laugh about it. He told me that if I ever needed help. He would take care of them for me. Now this was within 10 minutes or so of talking to him for the first time. Then it just also happened that his girlfriend is having problems with a guy flirting with her and stuff. Then the next day after our conversation through IM. When I had saw him he smiled and said "Hi" like he was happy to see me. The thing is he didn't really show any emotion before. When we pass each other he looks at me all the time. The thing is he also doesn't really look at anyone and he seems really interested in knowing me. Now to the main point of this. A guy that is happyly taken. He doesn't stare at another girl and want to get to know her better. Does he??? With everything I wrote. Things just aren't adding up. I have had 5 to 7 people say to me they think the girlfriend is made up. So please any help would be great. Thank you in advance!!!
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Friday, August 12th, 2005
9:39 pm
Need some advice!!!
There is this guy that I want to talk to but I'm to nervous to. Here is the thing. There is a guy that I see around were I go everyday. He never really has anyone around him hanging out with him. So he is free to talk to but my problem is I'm naturally shy person espically around guys!!! I need some advice on talking to guys. Like what would be a good thing to start off with in a converstation and all the stuff??? Thanks in advance for any help!!!
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Saturday, July 23rd, 2005
9:11 pm
Just need some input on this!!!
I think my guy friend might ask me out. Well I think there is some problems with this. Not so much problems just issues!!! First if he did ask me out he would be my first kiss, date, and boyfriend. Even though I haven't had those yets I ain't some 13 or 15 year old saying this. The thing about that is I don't know if I want him to be my first for the kiss, date, and boyfriend. Yes it would be good that this is all is from a friend. Someone I know I can trust but I just don't know. Another thing is what will people think if him and I did date and were boyfriend/girlfriend??? I heard from someone I know that they could tell that he had feelings for me and another person I know that knows him. Said I would be surprised to find something out but wouldn't tell and said I will probably find out soon enough. I know I should probably go through some pros and cons list of this all but I don't know where to start. I know that if he does ask me out I'm going to have to tell him we need to talk about this. So I can explain how I'm feeling with this whole thing. I also don't know if I have feelings for him. I know it wouldn't be based on looks from my point because I don't think he is cute but he is nice and all that. I'm just really confused and I needed to just talk this out. Thanks for any input or advice on this!!!
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Tuesday, July 19th, 2005
2:41 pm
I asked him the question and his answer is...
I had posted a some posts down about advice about my guy friend. I finally asked him if he has ever liked me and his answer was no. I don't believe him though. Call it girl intuition or something but I just don't believe he is tell the truth. I will update if I need anymore advice about him or if anything happens. Thanks for all the advice you all gave me!!!
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Sunday, July 17th, 2005
7:34 pm
Boy problem
I'll be the first to ask for advice! :-)
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Saturday, July 16th, 2005
8:46 pm
My guy friend had come over to hang out and help me put together some electrical stuff. Well during this time I noticed he touched my hand somewhat a lot. It wasn't a hold or anything. It was more of a brush his hand against mine but in a way that some people wouldn't notice a difference. The thing is he has never done that to me before. So it just seem a little different for him. So my question is what do you think he was trying to say or mean or kinda hint to me by doing that??? Also I had wore these two new shirt and over shirt thing. Something I don't usually wear and when I had went to meet him outside you could tell he was shocked with it. He then said a few minutes later "Your shirt thing is cool" but you could tell at first it was coming out as cute. That is something he also has never said to me before.

I was also wondering could I be giving off bad vibes to my guy friend. What I mean is I tend not to look him in the eyes and kinda pull into myself when I hang out with him. I mostly don't look him in the eye when we are listening to music. Which thats pretty much what we do when we hang out. I have no reason really at all to not look him in the eye. Maybe the reason I do that when we are listening to music is I don't want to look him in the eye and see something I haven't seen there before. What I mean by that is a liking but I'm sure he don't like me. Is my body lanuage giving off bad vibes??? Can you all help me with this!!! What could be my problem??? Thanks in advance to anyone that helps!!!
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12:05 pm
Welcome to the advice_mavens site
We're the advice_mavens team. We decided to make this site for other teens (and older, but mainly teens) who need or want advice. We figured, since all of our friends come to us for advice all the time, why not share this advice with other people who need it? So here we are, waiting to help. Feel free to post any question, problem, or or other scenerio that you may need advice for. Please be nice, we are using our free time to do this for you guys. Any rude comments toward us or other users asking for advice will be deleted immediately, and all future comments from you will be ignored. So, ask away!

~ Kate, Stacie, and Stan

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